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A.C.T.N.T. Healthcare Services PEDI Slide Chart

PEDI Slide Chart

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Product Description

The PEDI Slide Chart© includes protective vinyl envelope and chart.
A.C.T.N.T. Healthcare Services PEDI Slide Chart

A.C.T.N.T. Healthcare Services PEDI Slide Chart Envelope

The PEDI Slide Chart® has Revolutionized the Rapid Care of the Sick and Injured Pediatric Patient.

PEDI Slide Chart Award


“Most of the harmful pediatric medication errors tracked during the past two years by U.S. Pharmacopeia involved either an improper dose or quantity…”

JCAHO Sentinel Event Alert, Issue 39

  • 2015 ECC guidelines [Part 12, 6.2: Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Circulation] “If the child’s weight is unknown, it is reasonable to use a body length tape with precalculated doses”.
  • The use of a length based tape that uses only the 50th percentile weight (Broselow Tape™) for length (ie, ideal body weight) may “theoretically, result in inadequate doses of some medications for obese patients”.
  • The PEDI Slide Chart® is the only length-based system that adjusts for the body type from 50th – 75th – 95th percentile. This eliminates the potential for inadequate dosing.

Guidelines for Care of Children in the Emergency Department

American College of Emergency Physicians Policy Statement:

“For children requiring resuscitation or emergency stabilization, a standard method for estimating weight in kg should be used (eg, length-based system)”. The PEDI Slide Chart© meets that crieria.

The PEDI Slide Chart© meets this criteria.

Measuring Tools

PEDI Slide Chart measuring child 

  • Use anything that measures centimeters instead. You don’t need to use a specific measuring device, if you prefer, since everything is based on length in centimeters, not the length of a special tape.
  • Don’t worry about which end you measure from, it doesn’t matter with the PEDI Slide Chart®. All you need is the total length in centimeters.
  • This is Unique to the PEDI Slide Chart®.



Disposable Measuring Tapes

A.C.T.N.T. Healthcare Services PEDI Slide Chart Measuring Tapes
These disposable tapes are an optional choice when using the Pedi Slide Chart©. Remember, you can use anything that will measure centimeters accurately.

Adhesive Backed Measuring Tapes

PEDI Slide Chart adhesive measuring tape


  • These 2 inch x 60 inch adhesive backed measuring tapes were designed to be adhered to any surface that you would need a quick measurement on a child when using the PEDI Slide Chart®.
    • Backboards
    • Stretchers
    • Exam Tables
    • Just peel off the backing and stick this very durable, water resistant tape to almost any surface for fast, reliable measurements.

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