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ACLS Online Classroom Instruction (OCI)


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American Heart Association® ACLS Certification

The Online Classroom Instruction (OCI) is being offered as an alternative to traditional classroom training. In the OCI option, you complete two (2) online course modules that replace the classroom training. After completion of the OCI modules and the online written exam, we send you contact information for local instructors that you can contact to schedule your required in-person instructor led skills testing session.

  • You are registering for the ACLS Online Classroom Instruction and the in-person AHA instructor led Skills Testing.
  • After registration, you will be given the ability to download detailed instructions on the steps to complete the ACLS Online Classroom Instruction and the in-person skills testing.
  • After completion of the OCI and the in-person skills testing, you will be issued your American Heart Association® ACLS certification ecard. 
  1. Complete the ACLS Online Course Instruction (Precourse Self-Assessment and the Precourse Work modules) and the online written exam.
      1. You will be awarded 3 CE/CME for the precourse modules.
  2. After completion of the OCI modules, send a copy of the completion certificate ►HERE◄ and  you will be issued access to the ACLS online written exam.
  3. On completion of both the ACLS OCI and the online ACLS written exam, we will assist you in finding a local AHA instructor for the in-person skills testing.

Terms & Conditions

  • We will send you the contact information for local instructors that are available area in your area.
  • You will use the contact information and contact the instructor directly to arrange for the skills testing.
  • All instructor information will be for independent AHA instructors. Any fees will be determined by the local instructor and will be paid directly to the instructor by you according the agreed upon terms between you and the instructor.
  • We have no authority over the local instructor and can not control the terms and conditions set by the instructor. 
  • In the very unlikely instance that a local instructor can not be accessed within 15 days from registration, we will refund 70% of your registration fee.
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