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Custom Virtual Skills Testing Date & Time Option

If you are unable to find a Virtual Skills Testing (VST) Session Date & Time on our regular schedule, we have an option to schedule a Custom Date & Time.

  • For Custom Date & Time Sessions, we require the AHA HeartCode® Completion Certificate sent to us at least 5 days prior to your session date. 
    • In some cases, a faster shipping option may be necessary for the skills testing package. If necessary, we will upgrade the shipping to a more expedited level, at no extra charge, (does not include overnight or next day shipping).
    • If you need this completed in less than 5 days, you will need to pay for overnight/next day air shipping.

Custom Date & Time Calendar

If no events are visible, click on the arrow (>) to view the next month. 

  • Approximate session lengths: BLS (20 minutes), ACLS (45 minutes), PALS (55 minutes), Add BLS to ACLS or PALS (add 15-20 minutes)
  • Fees listed are the total cost (limited expedited shipping included, if needed) for the skills testing session only.
  • This does not include the American Heart Association® HeartCode® online course.
  • For the Custom dates & times option, you will purchase the AHA HeartCode® course at

Steps to schedule a custom VST date & time

  1. View the Custom Date & Time Calendar (above) for available choices & pricing.
  2. Send a request to schedule a custom date & time to
    1. For the best results, please choose several dates and/or times.
  3. We will respond with the availability of your request with either an acceptance, or an alternative date & time.
    1. We will notify you of the registration & payment process and other details after acceptance.
  4. Complete the AHA Heartcode® Online Course and send the Completion Certificate 5 days prior to your session date to
  5. A skills testing package will be sent upon receipt of certificate.

Please send any questions to

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is the price for Custom Dates/Times higher than the regular schedule?
The instructor(s) are only required to be available on the regular scheduled days (M-W-F). If we need them on other dates, we are obligated to pay them for a full day, regardless of how many sessions we have for them. 

Is there any difference in a Custom Date/Time session and the regularly scheduled session?
No, they are the same format, just completed on your custom schedule.

Can I get a Custom Date/Time skills session quicker than within 5 days?
Yes, as long as we have your AHA HeartCode® Completion Certificate and you are willing to pay for overnight/next day air shipping for the skills testing package.

When do I receive my AHA ecard?
You will receive your ecard right after you complete the skills testing session. Usually within 30 minutes or less.

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