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Course Registration Terms and Conditions

Virtual Course Options. If you choose the Virtual Skills Testing (VST) option, you must successfully complete the American Heart Association® online course a minimum of 5 days (of receipt of completion certificate by A.C.T.N.T. Healthcare Services) prior to your scheduled Virtual Skills Testing session. If you choose the Virtual Renewal Testing option (VRT), you must watch all the videos and complete the online written test a minimum of 5 days prior to your scheduled Virtual Renewal session.  No refunds will be offered if online course is not complete, or the videos are not watched and/or the written test is not successfully completed, on the date and time of scheduled Virtual appointment. Only 1 future replacement date/time may be offered. If future replacement date/time is not attended, you will be required to register for a future session and pay the session fee.

You must have a working phone, iPad, tablet or computer with a working camera & microphone. This camera will need to be aimed at a sturdy work surface (table, desk, floor, etc.) where the manikin(s) will be placed during the Virtual session. The use of Virtual Instruction/Testing is temporary and if the American Heart Association® eliminates this option, then a refund (minus 15% registration fee) will be returned to the person registered (if equipment has been returned). Your required equipment will be shipped prior to your scheduled session date/time. Your American Heart Association® eCard will not be issued until this equipment, with all original contents, in the original condition, is received back by using the prepaid shipping label included in the original box.

You may cancel your VST or VRT session at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled date and a refund (minus 15% cancellation fee) will be issued, if skills testing package was not shipped. This refund will be issued if skills testing package was shipped and A.C.T.N.T. Healthcare receives it back with the original contents.

You will receive an email with a link to join a Zoom meeting approximately 5 minutes prior to your scheduled Virtual Session. If you do not receive this email by 5 minutes past your scheduled time, either text us at 866.822.2868 or email us at and we will reply with the status of your session.

If you do not respond to the email (join the meeting, text or email) with the link to join the Zoom meeting by 15 minutes past your scheduled time, your session will be cancelled and you will be allowed 1 rescheduling opportunity.

Healthcare Services by A.C.T.N.T., LLC reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule any course if a pre-determined minimum number of participants do not register within the specified time frame. In the event of a cancellation or re-scheduling by Healthcare Services by A.C.T.N.T., LLC, liability will be limited to pre-paid course fees only. A full refund, will be issued within 7 days of the first day of the cancelled course. Every effort will be made to make sure that any cancellation or re-scheduling notifications are received by the registrant prior to the course. E-mail notification will be the primary medium for these notifications. Healthcare Services by A.C.T.N.T., LLC accepts no liability for any notifications that are not received by the registrant, due to any other reason other than not being attempted, regardless of the medium used. A copy of the email or other notification type (if available) will be provided upon written request by the registrant, if proof of cancellation notification is required.

Most courses are sponsored by an outside facility and although rare, they may choose to re-schedule or cancel the course. In the event of a cancellation, we will be happy to change your registration to another class we have on our schedule. In the event of a re-scheduling, your registration will automatically be changed to the new date or to another class on our schedule. An attempt to contact you via your registration email will be made as soon as possible. We will consider refunds on a case by case basis, if this occurs.

All registrations are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Registration is not considered complete until receipt of registration and valid payment by Healthcare Services by A.C.T.N.T., LLC or its designated representative. Online registration is considered confirmed upon receipt of your email confirmation. Registration fee may be returned/refunded if class is full or if cancelled due to course minimum not being met.

Course Registration Refunds

No refunds will be given for “no-shows” on the first day of the course.

A refund may be authorized if cancellation notice from an individual, pre-registered participant is received in writing (email notice is acceptable) by Healthcare Services by A.C.T.N.T., LLC or its designated representative no later than 24 hours prior to registration start time on the first day of the course. All onsite course refunds will have the cost of any previously shipped course material and a 5% refund cancellation fee subtracted from the refund amount. No pre-shipped course material will be accepted for return or refund.

Credit may be given (instead of partial refund, see above) for a future course at the discretion of the Training Center Coordinator. Credits for future course will have a time limit before they will be considered expired. You will be required to use your credit within 60 days of the original course date. You will also only be allowed 2 changes to this request. After 60 days or 2 change requests, whichever comes first, your original registration will be voided and no additional refunds or credits will be offered.

On-Site Course Cancellations

All course cancellations will be posted on the Calendar Page of our website at the earliest possible time. If the cancellation is weather related, every attempt will be made to post the cancellations at the earliest possible time the morning of the course. Re-scheduling information will be available the next business day. The refund policy is the same as above.

If the course is cancelled by the sponsoring facility, we will make every effort to contact each participant prior to the course start time.

On-Site Course Cancellation by Sponsoring Facility

If Requestor cancels course on the day of the course, the minimum course cost (see Tiered Pricing), will be paid by the Requestor .

If Requestor cancels course within 24 hours of start time, a $250.00 late cancellation fee will be paid by the Requestor.

If Requestor cancels course before 24 hours of start time, any deposits are non-refundable.

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