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  • Thank you for attending a recent course presented by A.C.T.N.T. Healthcare Services®. Our mission is to provide quality education and easy access to all healthcare providers.
  • In an effort maintain our high quality standards, we are asking that you complete the following CONFIDENTIAL QA form. Your input will help us with any improvements or changes needed to meet our mission.
  • The more information you can give, the better we can analyze your response.

What course did you attend?

Please answer the following questions using a 1 - 5 scale.
  1. Disagree (Worst)
  2. Somewhat Disagree
  3. Neutral
  4. Somewhat Agree
  5. Agree (Best)
If any answers are 3 or lower, please comment in the sections below.
Your comments (positive or negative) will help us improve our classes for future students.
You are not required to include your information. If you would like us to respond to your form submission, please include your name and email address & someone will respond soon. Thank you for your time. We appreciate the opportunity to use your feedback to improve our course participants experience for future classes.
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