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Class Calendar AHA BLS Virtual Skills Testing

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AHA BLS Virtual Skills Testing

ACTNT Class Calendar

Weekday BLS VST Registration Calendar

The calendar allows you to register for the AHA Weekday BLS Virtual Skills Testing session.
COST: AHA Weekday BLS Virtual Skills Testing Session: $95.00

If you need a Saturday or Sunday BLS VST Session: ►Weekend BLS VST Registration Calendar◄
COST: AHA Weekend BLS BLS Virtual Skills Testing: $145.00

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  • Registration is closed 7 days prior to the skills testing session dates on the calendar.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Click Here to view our terms & conditions (refund policy, etc).

American Heart Association® eCard:

    • All Course Completion eCards are issued on the day of your successfully completed skills testing session.
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American Heart Association E-Learning

Before Your BLS VST Session

  • NOTE: All AHA Virtual Skills Testing participants must complete the American Heart Association® HeartCode® online course (AHA Requirement).
    • Purchase the AHAHeartCode® online course from the American Heart Association®:
  • A copy of the AHA HeartCode® Completion Certificate must be received using this link COMPLETION CERTIFICATE,7 DAYS◄ prior to your scheduled skills testing session.
  • Detailed instructions will be sent immediately after registration with your confirmation email.

BLS Virtual Skills Testing Session

  • Prior to your scheduled session, a skills testing package will arrive with your required skills testing equipment.
  • On the day of your skills testing session, you will receive an email (approximately 10 minutes prior) with a link to join the Virtual Skills Session, one on one Zoom® meeting.
  • The skills testing package includes a pre-paid label to return the package with all the original contents.
BLS Virtual Skills Testing

Virtual Skills Testing Frequently Asked Questions

  • After registration, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions.
  • You can purchase the HeartCode® course directly from the AHA HERE.
  • NOTE: We need a copy of the HeartCode completion certificate 7 DAYS prior to your scheduled skills session. Send the completion certificate to:
  • The VST option includes a skills testing session with an AHA instructor during a one on one Zoom meeting.
  • You will be shipped a skills testing package with all the required equipment. Prepaid return shipping label is included.
  • That is because the “Virtual Courses” they are referencing are the completely online courses that don’t include a physical skills testing session delivered by an American Heart Association® instructor.
  • An AHA instructor will visually (one on one Zoom meeting) monitor your skills testing using the required equipment (we ship to you) to prove competency.
  • This is not an all “Virtual Course”. It is still an American Heart  Association® course and you will receive an American Heart Association® card upon completion.
  • All Providers (new or renewal) are required to complete the AHA HeartCode® Course to use the Virtual Skills Testing Option (AHA Requirement).
  • You may purchase the HeartCode® course directly from the AHA HERE.
    • When purchasing from the AHA, you will receive an email from the AHA with access to the HeartCode® course immediately after purchase.
    • We do not provide any tech support for the HeartCode® online course. You must contact AHA Tech Support at 888-242-8883 directly for assistance. You are purchasing this online course from the AHA, not A.C.T.N.T. Healthcare Services, LLC.
    • A.C.T.N.T Healthcare Services does not receive any  revenue from the purchase of any American Heart Association® products when purchased from the AHA website.
  • Not for the vast majority. Of course, defining difficulty is subjective (experience, prior training, etc.), but they no longer use the eSimulations (2015 version) in the HeartCode® Courses.
    • Some students found the eSimulations difficult to navigate and had a hard time completing them in a reasonable amount of time.
  • The new 2020 HeartCode® courses are designed to use a personalized adaptive algorithm that sets students on the most efficient path to content mastery.
  • Students follow a continuously adapting learning path that is personalized by their own inputs: their performance, and their self-reported confidence level related to each probing question.
  • The HeartCode® course does not have to be completed in one session. You can stop and start at your convenience.
  • Students report that the BLS HeartCode® course is usually between 60-90 minutes. This may vary depending on the student experience and knowledge of the information.
  • Your American Heart Association® ecard will be issued on the day of your skills testing session (usually within 30 minutes).
  • Every employer can designate what they will accept, but we have been an American Heart Association® Training Center for 30 years and have never had the AHA card not accepted by any entity.
    • The American Heart Association® is considered the “Gold Standard” for this type of training.
    • If unsure, ask your employer for guidance.
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